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About Us

If you are looking for an online detective store, you have to visit our website. We are the leading supplier of detective products in the Netherlands. Our website visitors will be glad to know that they will have access to a wide inventory of products that they may have only seen on videos and other articles.

We are a shop that imports different surveillance items from various parts of the globe in order for our loyal followers to purchase these products in a more convenient manner. You do not have to go far to get these devices. With just one click of a button, you can have these units delivered right at your doorstep.

Brick-and-mortar store

From the humble beginnings of a small store in Amsterdam, we have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of detective items in the Netherlands. You can visit our stores during one of your Amsterdam holidays. Schedule meetups with the owners so that you will have more information about the products and the best way to use all of them.

Build a website

This was our rally in the late 2000s. We needed to build a website for the company. Having an online presence will greatly help us get other clients that are otherwise not unreachable. These are people who are from other parts of the world.

We want those who love doing detective work to enjoy using our products and maximize their uses by purchasing them from us. With our fast transaction process and competitive prices, we guarantee that you will receive your ordered product on time and with perfect quality.